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We serve the following Central Illinois counties:

DeWitt County

Ford County

Iroquois County

Kankakee County

Livingston County

Macon County

McLean County


Kankakee Limited Stop Service

For the limited stop service, there are central locations in Kankakee, Sun River Terrace and Momence. Individual pick ups can be arranged by calling the office.

Kankakee County Limited Stop Fares


Limited Stop Schedule

The following times are approximate to allow for individual pick ups as required. During heavy demand, more than one bus is used to keep the route on schedule.

The first round trip begins at 4:00am and the last round trip begins at 5:00pm.


  1. :00 Kankakee, Chestnut and Schuyler
  2. :10 Sun River Terrace, City Hall
  3. :45 Momence, 501 S. Gladiolus
  4. :50 Momence, 123 W. River
  5. :05 Sun River Terrace, City Hall
  6. :15 Kankakee, Chestnut and Schuyler

Who can ride?

Everyone can ride. We are Public Transportation and all of our vehicles are fully accessible.

Can there be more than one stop?

Persons riding on the limited stop service can stop multiple times along the route. There is no additional charge for this service.

How can rides be arranged?

Riders may catch the service at any of the stops without prior reservations. Requests for individual pick up service must be made by 12:00 noon on the weekday before the day of service. The bus will then be scheduled to deviate from the route to accommodate the individual pick up. To make a reservation for the individual service, contact the SHOW BUS office.